Landscape Design Case Study

St. Ives Project

St. Ives Landscape Design Project


It is amazing how much you can do with a small space! This project presented several challenges including drainage, terrain, and privacy.

In the end, we were able to create a design that was both very functional in meeting the homeowners’ needs, and also included some very attractive design features that gave this homeowner the dream outdoor living area for their dream home.

The Challenge

The backyard of this newly constructed home was fairly small. The primary issue was the flow of water across their backyard from several properties uphill from them. This water, combined with the lack of direct sunlight, left the backyard muddy for most of the year.

Another issue we needed to address was the traffic on a major road that was not far behind the property. The highway was mostly hidden when the leaves were on the trees but was more visible during the winter months.

Lastly, the property sloped towards the house, leaving little to no usable space in the backyard.

The Design

After talking with the homeowners about how they planned to use their backyard, we determined that a small patio would be perfect for the intimate setting they were trying to create.

We design and installed a patio with a small walkway connecting it to the deck. We set it back into the hillside with a small wall that served the dual purpose of holding the hill back and creating extra seating space for larger parties. Because the homeowners were looking for a more modern look, we recommended Eagle Bay’s new 3-piece Chatam Modern paver.

To address the drainage issues, we designed and installed a dry creek bed that would channel the water across the backyard. To add an additional unique design element, we gave the dry creek bed a meandering path and sprinkled in some large stones which gave it that natural creek look.

Wrapping up the project, we eliminated almost all the grass areas in the back yard to create a natural woodland setting. The planting included some evergreens to serve as a screen between the patio and the distant highway. This way, they would have a year-round backdrop for their beautiful outdoor space.


St. Ives Landscape Design Project
St. Ives Landscape Design Project
St. Ives Landscape Design Project
St. Ives Landscape Design Project

Customer Testimonial



“Daniel and his team at Appomattox River Landscapes, LLC was terrific to work with. His design accomplished our goals for a small patio area and also devised a very creative remedy for a drainage problem in our backyard. The workmanship and attention to detail on our project was superb.”

– Paul & Charlene

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