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Flag Station Project

Flag Station Landscape Design Project


After a series of projects spanning 30+ years, this couple decided it was time to add an outdoor living area to their beautiful home. We assisted them by listening to their needs, which allowed us to create a large outdoor living space that surpassed their expectations.

The Challenge

This backyard was missing something. There was no smooth transition from the driveway to the back yard. The homeowners were looking for a way to take this unusable area and turn it into something unique, attractive, and functional.

The primary goal was to create a usable patio space for outdoor entertaining with a place to grill and eat. The yard sloped quite quickly away from the house and driveway, further complicating the issue.

The Design

The first challenge was to create a space that worked with the slope of the yard. We did this by creating a patio with two levels connected by a set of steps.

In order to maximize the use of the area, we decided to have a set of steps that ran almost the entire length of the patio area. Additionally, we made the steps curve gently adding a column with a carriage light on each end of the steps to give it a truly distinctive appearance.

Since the patio area needed to be elevated to address the slope, the seating wall around the lower patio level served as a beautiful aesthetic, prevented people from accidentally walking off the edge, and created a lot of additional seating for large parties.

In addition to the carriage lights on the columns, we included multiple partially-hidden LED strip lights along the seating wall, on the sides of the columns, and on the steps to light up the area in the evenings.

Once the hardscape was complete, we assisted the homeowners in picking out a variety of plants to go around the patio to give it that finishing touch.


Flag Station Landscape Design Project
Flag Station Landscape Design Project
Flag Station Landscape Design Project
Flag Station Landscape Design Project

Customer Testimonial



“From the initial contact, to conception of the design, to completion of the project, everything was professional and excellent. There was frequent communication and a great deal of attention to detail and thoroughness. Daniel was on the job and working with his crew most of the time. On those occasions when he was not present, the crew was very motivated, skilled, and hard working. The project was completed in a timely fashion and exceeded our expectations. We now have a beautiful outdoor living space!”

– Crawford & Debbie

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