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Ideas About your Lawn and Landscapes

Whether you have a newly built home or you are a longtime homeowner looking for something to do with your backyard. there is always more to learn.

At Riverside Custom Hardscapes, we care about designing and building your hardscape and landscaping dreams.

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11 Low Maintenance Landscape Ideas

Whether you are a young, exhausted parent who hardly has time to sleep, let alone prune. Or a retiree who would much rather spend their golden years relaxing instead of weeding. Or anywhere in between. A low maintenance landscape can be very appealing. Here are some...

How Hardscaping Can Expand Your Home

Ever wish your house was just a little bigger? Moving is a huge inconvenience. Renovations and additions can be expensive and overwhelming. When daydreams of having more space get you contemplating your options, there might be one you're missing. Your yard holds the...

Is Hardscaping the Answer to Your Drainage Problem?

Just like the plants in our yard, we can't survive without water, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. If you have too much water in areas of your yard, creating swamps and pools in the middle of your lawn, you may need to rethink the drainage on...

7 Hardscaping Projects that Add Value to Your Home

It can be fun to dream big when it comes to your yard, but the price tag of adding hardscape features may be holding you back. If you knew the cost of the project would increase the value of your home, giving you equity while helping you recoup the costs upon resell,...

Get an Early Jump on Spring Projects

In many places the temperatures are still below freezing, but that doesn't mean you should procrastinate your spring landscape and hardscape projects any longer. It may seem counterintuitive to be thinking about your yard while it's still frozen, but winter is the...
Do pavers require maintenance?

Do pavers require maintenance?

“I need something that is low maintenance.” That is a statement I hear from almost every homeowner. Nothing would shock me more than to have a homeowner tell me that a high maintenance product isn’t an issue. Everyone is busy with work, family, and hobbies, and no one...

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Stamped Concrete vs. Pavers

Stamped Concrete vs. Pavers

Designing your hardscape requires the consideration of many different styles and materials. Two of the most prevalent materials are stamped concrete and pavers. When discussing these two options, I am often asked by homeowners what the primary differences are between...

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Case Studies

Birch Point Hardscape Installation

Birch Point

This project is a great example of how a creative design can bring the “wow” factor to small spaces as well as big ones. The homeowner wanted a bigger patio, but they got so much more.

Flag Station Hardscape Installation

Flag Station

After a series of projects that spanned 30+ years, this couple decided that it was time to add an outdoor living area to their beautiful home. We assisted them by listening to their needs which allowed us to create a large outdoor living space that surpassed their expectations.

St. Ives Hardscape Installation

St. Ives

It is amazing how much you can do with a small space! Despite several challenges, we were able to create a design that was both very functional in meeting the homeowners' needs, and also included some very attractive design features.

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